The Customer Journey

Take your clients and prospects on a journey to new undiscovered territories!  

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With every new customer a new journey begins. It can be very pleasant or so awful that leaving the ship is the single best option.

To design this journey as convincing as possible, you first need to know who your ideal customers are and what their motivations and needs are: Who should be aware of your product? What does she think about your brand? What emotions does the product trigger in him? What hurdles does she encounter when buying your product online?

With this information at hand, you can plan your customer journey step by step in order to establish a durable relationship with your (potential) customers. Be it to make your brand aware to them, to convince them to buy your product or even to act an an ambassadors on your behalf.  

Download your free Customer Journey Map template here and take your customers on an unforgettable journey! 

P.S. You can either fill out the template as a pdf form or print it and write on it manually, whatever is more convenient for you. 

Download your customer journey template here!

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